Check out the latest news 2018-2019 by Baci Stellari for women. Ceremonial dresses and much more for her. Have a look at the section dedicated to the sales on Intrighi Griffe Junior!

Baci Stellari is the brand designed by Valeria Marini, and the name derives from its unique way of greeting its friends. Each collection perfectly reflects what is the character and charm of the Italian showgirl, showy and chic. The Baci Stellari collection is among the most evocative and exciting, thanks to the particular details in strasse and the lines allow to highlight every curve of the female body. Sensuality and elegance are the basis of every dress.


Intrighi Griffe

Corso Campano 369/371 80014 Giugliano in Campania

081 506 8773

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